Urban garden: how to make a cultivation table

Would you like to have your own urban garden at home, but you don’t have the space? A cultivation table will solve this problem and allow you to have organic fruit and vegetables without leaving the house. If you are looking for a cheap growing table that can adapt to your space, don’t miss out on this step-by-step tutorial.

No one doubts the advantages of eating fruit and vegetables that have not been treated with chemicals that are harmful to health in the long term. But it’s not the only important reason to decide whether to have your own urban garden, as you can benefit from it:

  • Tastier vegetables, “like the ones of yesteryear”
  • Relaxing and motivating activity, to get away from daily stress and be moved by the first shoots
  • Learn how the life cycle of fruits and vegetables works

However, not all of them have a large plot of land or space to grow their own urban garden, the solution in these cases is to buy a raised planter or make a custom cultivation table as we explain in this tutorial step by step.

Tools and materials

  • Reciprocating saw and / or table saw
  • Drill / screwdriver
  • Grinder
  • Stapler
  • Clamps
  • Brushes
  • 4 axis in pine with size 120x30x1.8 cm
  • 2 metal corner pieces for 200 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm shelving and 4 plastic 3.5 × 3.5 cm corner feet
  • Flat washers
  • Lag bolts
  • Mulch sheet
  • Protective paper with tape
  • Stencil
  • Spray paint
  • Impregnating

Cost, duration and difficulty

If you have the necessary tools, the approximate cost of materials is about 50€. This is certainly less than the purchase price of this type of planter, which is usually around €100.

The level of difficulty of the project is medium as it is necessary to have practice in the use of electrical tools. However, some can be replaced with hand tools, so we encourage you to build your own growing table even if you are not yet an experienced all-rounder.

The time needed to make it is 8 hours, most of which will be spent cutting and assembling the pieces. It will undoubtedly be well invested time!

Urban garden: how to make a cultivation table step by step

Although there are flower boxes and boxes of different shapes and sizes on the market, creating your own is the best way to make the most of the space you have for your urban garden. The fact that it is raised, will facilitate the care and maintenance of your vegetables.

In our guide on which vegetables to grow in pots you will find some ideas of cultivation for your urban garden, start immediately to build the table following the steps indicated below.

Cutting the wooden planks

We start by cutting the pine boards with a table saw. This type of saw is suitable for straight cuts, but you can also use a circular or jigsaw, although the latter is more suitable for rounded cuts such as those that we will make later.

In total we will need:

  • 2 80×30 cm for the back and bottom of the upper drawer of our cultivation table
  • 1 x 80×23 cm for the front part
  • 2 axles of 33×30 cm for the sides
  • 2 axles of 83.5×7 cm as the base of the bottom shelf
  • 8 central axes of 35×7 cm and 2 of 33×7 cm for the sides, to be positioned above the base

Assemble the cultivation table

Once the pieces have been cut, they must be assembled to form a cassette. We start the back part with a height of 30 cm to the piece that will be the bottom of our box. Next, we start the 23 cm front part and the side parts with rounded edges.

Position the legs and the lower shelf.

The next step will be to position the legs. We obtain from the metal corners two pieces with a length of 120 cm that will be placed in the back, while 2 pieces of 80 cm will become the front legs.

Once cut, we place plastic feet and fix the upper drawer of our cultivation table, adding flat washers that fit the size of the head of the locking screws.

Then, we assemble the pieces that will form the bottom shelf and that will be very useful to store all the accessories of our urban garden. We fix the 83 cm long planks to the front and back of our table, and then place the 35 and 33 cm long planks on top of them.

Protecting and decorating wood

We use a colourless impregnating agent to protect the wood, this open-pore protector will allow the wood to breathe, protecting it from humidity.

In addition, we design some floral patterns using spray paint and stencils. In this way, we will have a more decorative cultivation table.

Place the mulching sheet in position.

The last step is to cover the inside of the cultivation drawer with a mulch cloth. This type of cloth will allow our garden to drain the water without decomposing the roots in case of excessive humidity.

To position it, cut with scissors a piece large enough to cover the inside of the drawer and fix it with the manual stapler.

After following all the steps, we will have a cultivation table ready to plant and begin to cultivate our plants.

If this is your first urban garden, we recommend that you start by transplanting pots of different crops.

Once you have acquired the necessary practice, you can start planting your seeds. In the gardening category of our blog you will find several articles to know what plants to grow in different seasons of the year.

We hope that this project to make your own table of cultivation was of interest to you, start growing your own vegetables immediately, the space will no longer be an obstacle to have an urban garden at home.

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