How do I use my lawnmower properly?

Today lawnmowers for grasses occupy an honorable place in the market of lawn care equipment and it is not surprising, because the optimal cost and high level of productivity can not leave indifferent the majority of the population in different countries. At the moment, various manufacturers have presented a huge number of equipment in this area for public review. The model range is huge and diverse. But it should be noted that the gasoline lawnmowers are in great demand on manual operation. The reason for this is the low cost. However, all lawn mower variants should be treated with great care. Blog about gardening is a good option to see and learn more about lawnmower species.

Avoiding trouble is very simple: read the operating instructions carefully enough and follow the rules of work. Only after that can you take up the tool. Install the handle and attach the grass catcher. If the mower is petrol mowing, fuel and oil are to be filled in. Afterwards, set the desired mowing height.

Many lawnmowers have safety devices in place. With the spontaneous lockout, they only start up when a special button is pressed together with the lever. After the button is pressed, the engine can be switched off and will run as long as the lever is pressed. It is worth releasing it and the knife stops rotating. The ignition key must be read as a safety feature of the petrol mower, without which it cannot be started. All features should be known before starting work so that the tool can be stopped immediately if necessary.

Each time before switching on, check the condition of the blade, housing and electrical cable for damage. Remove foreign objects from the lawn: sticks, stones, etc. They can damage the mower.

For personal safety, sturdy, closed shoes with non-slip soles are required. Long trousers are best worn. You can start work in the morning or in the afternoon in good visibility conditions. People and animals should not be in the vicinity. Particular attention should be paid to small children and it is better to turn off the engine when they arrive.

General working rules

Now you can start the engine and start moving around on the lawn. The lawnmower can only be pushed forward without going backwards. Reverse with the engine switched off. Working on a slope is more difficult. It is necessary to move along it, instead of up and down.

It is better to cut the grass when it and the soil are dry. For an electric lawnmower, mowing wet, rain work is prohibited because of the high risk of electric shock. In addition, this tool requires special attention to the electrical cable, which should not be in the way.

In the event of obstacles, the mower should first be switched off and then moved away from the mower. If the deck needs to be cleaned, wait until the knife stops and then start the inspection. Even the grass catcher should be cleaned with the engine switched off. Do not leave the mower unattended, especially if children may approach it while you are away. Hard surface paths can be crossed with the engine off.

Personal protective equipment

The use of personal protective equipment is recommended during operation. Earplugs or headphones are used to protect the hearing organ. According to medical data, hearing loss occurs with prolonged exposure to sound of about 90 dB. Lawnmowers have this level of noise. The loudest models are those with internal combustion engines, which can exceed 100 dB. Almost every manufacturer indicates that their machines have low noise levels. Compare the specifications in the product data sheet with the numbers above and decide if you need headphones.

Glasses are used to protect your eyes from dust. But gloves are worth getting them. With large amounts of work they will protect your hands from blisters. If there is no rubber on the handle, the gloves will not slip your hands off it. This personal protective equipment will be useful for other garden applications.

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