Green maintenance in summer: here’s how to do it!

Summer is a delicate time for the maintenance of the green, so we must reserve the right attention to our garden. Heat and humidity can cause problems for lawns, hedges, ground or potted plants.

In summer, many plants have abundant blooms, while for others it is a good time to prune them to reinforce them for the following season.

The most common problems that can affect the garden in summer, including plants and hedges, are:

  • Fungal diseases, favoured by high humidity. Mushrooms are among the main enemies of the garden and its plants, as they spread through the spores. Air and wind carry them from plant to plant. They can remain dormant and reactivate when favourable climatic conditions reoccur.
  • Pest infestations, parasites are small insects that attack plants to survive by sucking their food, going so far as to destroy them.
  • Invasion of weeds, which affect the lawn during particularly dry and arid periods.

We have seen how the main enemies of the garden in summer are fungal diseases, attacks by parasites and aridity, due to drought and excessive heat.

How to solve these problems?

  • Pest colonies: in this case you can initially use natural remedies such as pepper spray, to be used for up to a week, vaporizing it on all the leaves. If the problem persists, repeat the cycle a second time. Natural macerates are also very useful. The most effective are those based on nettle garlic, chives and dandelion. Another natural remedy against mites and aphids is the pure, vegetable Marseille soap. A small amount should be dissolved in water and then sprayed on the leaves of the plant. Its effectiveness ends when it dries. It should be borne in mind that this product also has negative effects on other insects, such as bees, so it is necessary to avoid its use during periods of pollination. If the colony is very resistant, then it is necessary to use specific products, which are on the market;
  • Mushroom formation: This problem mainly affects hedges. An excellent remedy in this case is sodium bicarbonate, which has a basic pH. Mushrooms need an acidic environment, such as leaves, to grow and spread. By spraying a bicarbonate solution on plants, we create an environment that is hostile to the development of fungi. Sodium bicarbonate also has no negative effects on crops. Creating the solution is very simple! Just pour 250 grams of bicarbonate per 25 liters of water.
  • Weeds: to avoid using herbicides, you can proceed with the eradication by hand, perhaps taking advantage of a nice rain, which makes the soil softer and the extraction of the plant easier;
  • Dry soil and yellowed turf: to maintain a green and luxuriant turf, the garden must be constantly irrigated. One of the most effective methods is sprinkling irrigation, to be carried out if possible every evening or at the latest every two days during the hottest periods.

Tip for maintaining your garden tools

How to carry out the maintenance of the green in summer It is said that “prevention is better than cure” and in the case of the maintenance of the green it is necessary to keep the environments, the pots, the work tools clean. An excellent product for the maintenance of shears, scissors for pruning, rakes is WD-40 Multifunction that, in addition to cleaning creates a protective layer on the work tool, keeping away moisture and making the environment unsuitable for the survival of sleeping spores of fungi and eggs of pests.

How to carry out green maintenance in summer

Irrigation. A key element for the care of garden plants in the summer is irrigation. The amount of water to be supplied to the plants varies depending on the temperatures reached. In general, however, we say that the soil in the pots dries before the ground of the lawn, so potted plants are those that should be monitored more carefully. Shrubs on the ground should be watered with plenty of water, which should not stop at the surface, but reach the roots. The soil surrounding the trees should also be covered with bark, which can keep the soil moist and prevent the growth of weeds.

Summer pruning. To be done in a light way, to avoid encouraging attacks of parasites and fungi. Each plant requires a specific intervention. In annual flowering plants such as roses, dried flowers should be removed to allow the plant to grow luxuriantly. Climbing plants and hedges should simply be adjusted to give them the desired shape.

Sow. To obtain beautiful flowering at the end of the season, we recommend sowing plants such as violets and sunflowers in summer.

Cuttings. This is the right season to make cuttings, to give life to new plants. It is done by collecting a sprig of the plant and placing it in the ground.

Now you have all the tools to perform an excellent maintenance of the green of your garden!

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