Eating weed or smoking it: what’s the difference?

Doctors still avoid prescribing marijuana to patients, even in countries where marijuana is legalized and medical cannabis is sold in pharmacies. Why this happens, you can read in the article “Reasons for refusing cannabis by doctors”. As a spoiler, not because cannabis is harmful, but because it is not well researched. If you are still a fan of traditional methods, read weed grinder reviews.

How do I use my lawnmower properly?

Today lawnmowers for grasses occupy an honorable place in the market of lawn care equipment and it is not surprising, because the optimal cost and high level of productivity can not leave indifferent the majority of the population in different countries. At the moment, various manufacturers have presented a huge […]

Maintenance of shears quickly and effectively!

The shears are a very useful tool for pruning in the garden! This operation is necessary to promote the development of the plant, to control its growth and to give it the desired shape. To do a good job, the shears must be serviced periodically! Types of shears Depending on […]

Correctly cleaning a lawnmower

Remove grass residues from the cutting attachment and grass catcher. After each use it is recommended to remove at least the coarsest dirt from the cutting elements. Immediate cleaning of the lawnmower prevents the blades of grass from drying out and the formation of stubborn deposits. Take measures for your […]

How to build a wooden pergola for the terrace

Are you looking for a pergola for your terrace or garden, but you still haven’t found one that fits your budget? This tutorial will show you step by step how to build a wooden pergola in a simple way and without spending too much. In addition, you can combine it […]

How to clean DIY garden sprinklers!

If you own a garden, summer is the best time to spend pleasant evenings outdoors with your family and friends. To keep the garden always green and luxuriant, the best system is to have an adequate irrigation system. But how do you clean your garden sprinklers to keep them running […]

How to make a do-it-yourself magazine breaker panel

Have you ever felt observed while sitting in the garden or on the terrace? Don’t worry, it’s not a threat, maybe it’s just a curious neighbour who’s about to attack a button… If you’re looking for privacy and keeping your spaces away from prying eyes, here’s the solution: today we […]

How to clean your garden tools

Garden tools are precious and irreplaceable tools that help us in the various stages of cultivation and care of plants, flower beds, lawns and hedges. You can not do without it if you want to keep the green space of the house in perfect condition. If you come into contact […]

Make a folding chair with pallets for your garden

Would you like to have an easy chair to move to your terrace or garden? This tutorial will show you step by step how to make your folding chair with pallets. It will be so comfortable and light to move that you’ll even want to take it to the beach […]

How to make a do-it-yourself planter hose reel

No longer do you know where to put all those metres of hose you use every day to water your garden or the plants on the terrace? This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a do-it-yourself planter hose reel: to have a comfortable hose reel and […]

Green maintenance in summer: here’s how to do it!

Summer is a delicate time for the maintenance of the green, so we must reserve the right attention to our garden. Heat and humidity can cause problems for lawns, hedges, ground or potted plants. In summer, many plants have abundant blooms, while for others it is a good time to […]

Urban garden: how to make a cultivation table

Would you like to have your own urban garden at home, but you don’t have the space? A cultivation table will solve this problem and allow you to have organic fruit and vegetables without leaving the house. If you are looking for a cheap growing table that can adapt to […]